The Key of Me Journal

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The Key of Me Journal


The master journal for self empowerment and life improvement. Your whole life is related to how you think and feel. This journal helps you work through those thoughts and feelings to find your most powerful self and build that up, bringing it to the front and changing how you manifest.

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Go through the powerful, acclaimed 44 day program developed by Emme Rain to assist with reclaiming your personal power and teaching you how to wield it. The exercises in this book are life-changing, life-affirming and life-expanding.
Emme Rain is a top program designer for over 20 years, and The Key of Me has been called one of her most dynamic programs yet.

Key of Me deals with:

  • Mindset shifts
  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Dealing with self image and self worth
  • Tapping deeper into personal truth
  • Releasing pain and trauma and rewriting the narrative of your life



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