DreamBreaker Oil

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DreamBreaker Oil


DreamBreaker is a three way infused blend that has multiple uses. It can be used to break into dreams to assist a client, to harm a client or to divine the true intentions of someone. It can be used to destroy the dreams of others or to break through the glass ceiling stopping you from your dreams. The most dominate intention of this oil is to claim the positive energy of those who have acted against you while destroying their hopes and dreams. Use with clear intention!

**Sold as curio. Made with cinnamon products.



15Dominate and crush the enemy of your goals. This oil works to destroy the favorable flow toward accomplishment in the lives of people who seek to destroy you and pulls their favor away. This oil works best when used against those who have already made a move against you or who harbor strong ill will and intent towards you.

It may also be used to penetrate the dreams of others and break their nightmares OR create nightmares for them. This is dark energy blend and should only be used when you’re certain you want to act.


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