EMerge Butter

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EMerge Butter

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4 oz experience of a lifetime in a powerful body butter that also nourishes your skin and leaves is glowing and silky smooth. Sexually charged, lunar energy infused



Sexually charged, lunar cycle infused aromatic experience of a lifetime!

1 review for EMerge Butter

  1. Zulaimy Fenty (verified owner)

    I want to send you all a HUGE THANK YOU!!!! I received my email yesterday saying my packages were on their way, estimated arrival Thursday/Friday. Low and behold to my glorious surprise 🤗😁🤭🤗 my packages 📦 were there this early this morning!!!!!! Oh my goodness, the beautiful wondrous smells of yummy goodness. Never had I smelled EMerge, and boy have I now, with that beautiful silk sleekness of that butter. I slathered my body with it and instant felt its vibrations reverberate throughout my body. I opened also the bottle of Sacrifice, I don’t even know where to begin with how sublime and sensation a scent it has, and placed that on as well. I was able to make a call and have communication that was so free, heartfelt, open and honest on both ends. I am so ready to use everything in the box, I feel and know it’s already been working since the moment I ordered. Gratitude 🤗💞💫

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