Ascension Oil

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Ascension Oil

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Ascension oil was created to help you navigate your ascension process, helping to tap into divine wisdom and guidance, and helping to align with your higher self for knowledge. This oil helps to elevate your overall vibrational frequency.



Achieve a higher vibration and align more with your higher self.

Recommended for wear, bath, and diffuser as well as rituals. Always do a skin test before applying over the whole body. Great for mixing with your favorite body butter or lotion. After 7 days of continuous use, you should notice a change in your frequency.

2 reviews for Ascension Oil

  1. René King (verified owner)

    I noticed a difference after merely smelling this oil upon delivery and find it extremely useful for my process….I see it as a staple item now. I was ‘stagnate’ or just here….snapped me back into alignment again. Like a swift kick in the butt! Highly recommended. 🦋

    • Emme Rain

      This makes us happy to hear. We’re so happy you felt the energy and got a great result. Keep moving forward and we’re here whenever you need us!

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