Morrigan Oil

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Morrigan Oil

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Morrigan is a great guide during times of shifting and growing, she is a strategist and she is a warrior. Work with her and build a relationship to get the best out of her. She is the mistress of dark arts, and often found as a protective companion to those who are entering mediumship and necromancy. I recommend evoking her as a teacher, guide and protector. This oil can be used to summon, or invoke by wearing over the third eye or crown. It can be used as an offering and during ritual.



The summoning oil that brings Morrigan into your life, in all her power, wisdom and glory. She is warrior, protector, guide.

1 review for Morrigan Oil

  1. Shanika Brown (verified owner)

    This is definitely a great tool for protection & wisdom. I use this oil mainly for rituals but also as protection and wisdom when I’m going to be in the company of new people (starting new job or social event) .

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