Expansive Candle

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Expansive Candle



Expansive is the magick of Jupiter and the expansive nature of the Universe. It is blended with essences and infused with magick to help expand your breath and energy. This blend expands your mental energy and creativity. It expands your physical and emotional energy. It is great for healing and emotional wellness, sexuality and manifestation of abundance. Great to enhance and power enchantments.

For best use, after lighting, sit with the candle and allow your breathing to align with the magick and witness the shift in how you are breathing and how you feel. Write down areas where expansive energy are needed and place under the candle before lighting if you are using it in spell work. If using in ritual, simply release the energy in alignment with your ritual.



Pure powerful prana and the expansive effect of breathing in alignment with the Universe captured in candle form!

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