Hide Me Oil

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Hide Me Oil

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Hide Me is a dark arts blend used for cloaking. It can be used to cloak a home, an automobile, a person or an act, including hiding your hand in spell work. Hide Me is a great companion for court case work in which some things are better left undiscovered. This magick builds with use so start using as soon as you know you may need it and use it daily so that it can amplify within your auric space and provide a stronger shield.

Pro Tip: Wear Hide Me over the crown and under the feet to cloak your movement and channelings.

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Cloaking oil used to hide either you or your work. Also can hide information in your Akashic Records or history.

1 review for Hide Me Oil

  1. Shanika Brown

    If you have had any issues battling spiritual warfare or others trying to attack you this oil is it. I had previously had reversal work done and immediately purchased this oil. No one that means me any harm rather directly or indirectly is able to perform a reading or tap into my energy.

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