King Tut Oil

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King Tut Oil


King Tut, or Tutankhamun, was the living avatar of Amun-Ra, the DIVINE RESTORER. It was blended to wake up your divine power, purpose and call in guidance and provision. This is a wealth oil. This is a healing oil. This is a channeling oil. This oil is for amplification of spiritual power and reclaiming of your divine self!



King Tutankhamun was a divine avatar of Amun-Ra and brought correction to Egyptian spirituality and religion. He is most renowned for restoring temples, images and artifacts of the old gods and allowing people to reconnect with their history. This is something very few pharaohs ever allowed. He is also one of the few pharaohs honored as a walking divine while he lived.

The King Tut oil was created to help tap into your personal spiritual history and pull in the wealth of knowledge, power and abundance that lies in reclaiming all of yourself. Most importantly, this oil helps you to activate divine power within yourself, waking up the energy of the divine aspects within you as well as amplifying any divine missions you may have been born to.


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