F#ck How It Turns Out Oil

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F#ck How It Turns Out Oil



The purpose of FHITO is to
1. Call back energy given to people who turned into enemies whether quietly or overtly.
2. Call back energy wasted on people who never used it.
3. Return all baneful energy multiplied back to the original sender and all agreeable parties who conspired to harm you.
4. To call forth strong consequences into the lives of those who you are aiming at, though the Universe will work out what the consequence needs to be.



Pull back all energy given to people who misused it, who have hurt you without cause and send a heavy hand of consequence into their lives. This blend is a warfare blend. It causes calamity to your enemy so it is NOT to be used for petty squabbles. This is a serious blend to be used when you want to seriously level someone.
Write their names and any other information you have. Mark through it with a red pen. Place oil on the paper and in the candle you’ll burn over the paper.


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