Oba Oil

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Oba Oil

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Known as the protector of marriage and family, Oba is one of the Orisha goddesses who helps to keep your legacy in tact. She is a warrior. She is a teacher. She is a healer. She’s amazing to add to your spirit team and her loyalty is unmatched.



This oil is infused with the energy of Oba, the loyal lady of the Orisha and protector of marriage and family.

Suggestions: When first starting a relationship with Oba, set up a space just for her so that you can learn her energy. She’s much more subtle than most energies but her power is constant and flowing, which makes her a great selection for those with small children or a large family.

1 review for Oba Oil

  1. cryst123 (verified owner)

    My spouse and I live separately because we get along better that way.
    During COVID social distancing period, we had to live together.
    I used this oil in all ways and I can tell you that peace reigned in that house the whole time!

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